4 Signs It’s Time To Revamp Your Resume

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4 Signs It’s Time To Revamp Your Resume image iStock 000022693501XSmall 300x199.jpg4 Signs It’s Time To Revamp Your ResumeIf you’ve been using the same resume for a while now and you’re not seeing the results you would like, it may be time to consider giving your resume a refresh. Your resume should be a fluid document that you are continually tweaking and adjusting. It is not something that should be set in stone. For each job opening that you apply for, you should be looking for ways to make your resume align better with the qualifications and description. If you haven’t touched up your resume in a while, here are some signs that it may be time to:

  1. You’re not getting any calls. This should be a major red flag. If you are applying for jobs that you know you are qualified for and no one is calling you back, your resume could be to blame. Perhaps you are not giving off the right impression of your qualifications or are lacking essential key words or phrases to gain attention. Double check that you have included measurable results and demonstrated the impact you made in previous jobs.
  2. Calls are not for the type of job you are seeking. If you’re receiving calls from potential employers for jobs that are not aligned with what you are applying for, this is another sign that your resume may be the issue. Whether they don’t match your level of experience or are in the wrong field, something in your resume is triggering this attention. Updating your resume to have a clear focus and be targeted to specific roles within your industry can attract the right kind of attention. Make sure you are including the right type of keywords as well.
  3. You are lacking accomplishments, results, or support for a job well done. Metrics are key on a resume. You want to show quantifiable results that support your claims of a job well done. Even if you don’t have access to specific numbers, show the impact you made and how you achieved it. Your resume should include words such as reduced, decreased, increased, improved, grew, and generated. Take credit for your hard work and make employers want to know more about how you can benefit their company.
  4. You’re bored while reading your resume. If your resume can’t keep your own attention, it’s probably not keeping a recruiter’s attention either. This could be the result of repetitive or bland statements that make little impact. You may not be highlighting your strongest skills and accomplishments and therefore making yourself look less impressive or experienced than you really are. Or maybe your format is outdated and isn’t emphasizing the right information.

Ensure that your resume is a polished document that reflects your greatest strengths and achievements while accurately aligning with the type of job you seek. Revamping your resume could be just what you need to boost your motivation and job search.

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