A 3-step strategy to make your first million

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POP QUIZ: What’s the difference between a professional salsa dancer and a millionaire?

The answer: Nothing. They both know how to use simple mental “hacks” to become highly successful at a new skill.

Learning any skill (even salsa dancing) gives us the chance to set measurable goals and test our approach over and over again until we finally see success. You just need to experiment with enough approaches to find the one that works best.

Here's a great example from my friend Lewis Howes, who taught himself salsa dancing — and in the process, devised a 3-step strategy to make his first million.


How salsa dancing helped me make my first million — by Lewis Howes

I’m 6’4 and 225 lbs, and when people look at me I’m sure the last thing they’re thinking is, “I bet that tall white dude is a good salsa dancer.”

But, with all humility, I'm not bad for a white guy. And, the lessons I learned along the way to becoming good on my feet are the very principles that helped me make my first million online.

I've had the privilege to dance all over the world with some of the best in the business and here is the 3-step approach I tested to becoming great at salsa:

My 3-Step Strategy For Salsa Dancing

  1. Seek specialized training in a group environment: Thanks to my football experience I knew the importance of a specialized coach in a group environment. This is why I immediately sought group salsa classes.

  2. Total Immersion: I began listening to salsa music everywhere I went and started going to salsa clubs almost every night of the week.

  3. Watch the Pros: I watched hours of professional dancing on YouTube, then practiced the same moves by myself in front of my mirror. This allowed me to get familiar with the right technique. It also gave me a mental picture that I could play over and over in my mind.

How These Steps Helped me Make My 1st Million

  1. When I decided to become an entrepreneur, I looked for specialized mentors within each of the areas I was trying to master. I didn’t look to just one person to guide my entire future.

  2. I completely immersed myself into entrepreneurship by learning as much as possible–  while also applying it, taking action, and learning lessons along the way. I’ve seen too many entrepreneurs remain stuck in the learning phase without realizing hands-on experience is the way to truly become educated.

  3. I only listened to the advice of people who had achieved the kind of success I was after. I quickly learned that everyone will have an opinion about what you should do, so it’s important to decide who you’ll listen to.

Takeaway: The results of testing can have impact in multiple areas of your life. Look for ways you can apply success in one area (salsa dancing) to other areas (entrepreneurship).


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