3 Reasons To Get Off The Career Ladder

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3 Reasons To Get Off The Career Ladder image 380240868 17cacecd3e z 150x150.jpg3 Reasons To Get Off The Career LadderSeveral years ago, I made a pretty major career shift. I had been on an upward career track – each move promoted up a level and taking on more, steadily moving up the ladder. But I found, the higher I rose within my team, the less I was learning. Even for the roles I hadn’t tried in our team, I felt I knew enough to take it on and easily be successful.

Although my reputation was solid, my peers respected me, and my stakeholders were happy, I was feeling stagnant and my work felt like “been there, done that.”

It was time for a change, it was time to grow – and this time it wasn’t to move UP, it was time to move OVER. I took a lateral role completely outside of my comfort zone. It was a shift in direction but more aligned with my passions and talents. Making this decision wasn’t easy but it was the best thing I could have done.

Here are 3 reasons why you need to move your career direction OVER, not UP, following a career lattice, not a ladder:

  1. You will learn. You never know what’s out there unless you make change. Getting exposure to a new area helps you become a more well-rounded individual with greater, more strategic perspective, which makes you a stronger decision-maker.
  2. You expand your network. You will need to work hard to rebuild your reputation in a new area but this is a great opportunity to meet new people and grow your network.
  3. You expand your horizons. Taking this role opened up an entirely new career direction for me, more aligned to my career aspirations. Moving laterally helps you learn more about yourself – your passions, and your talents.

Have you made a move to embrace the lattice and get off the ladder? What did you learn?

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