2013 Smartphone Marketing Trends for Small Business

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It’s the beginning of a brand new year and we have some exciting 2013 smartphone marketing trends to share with you. Did you know that 55% of smartphone users are more likely to visit a retailer’s store after receiving location-aware alerts according to Latitude? Smartphone marketing and mobile presence is quickly becoming an integral part of small business marketing. Have you considered using check-in deals with Facebook or Yelp? Do you have a mobile friendly website? Here are our top 2013 smartphone marketing trends to watch out for:

2013 Smartphone Marketing Trend #1

55% of those who have clicked on a mobile ad have an annual income of more than $75,000 according to Hip Cricket. As a small business owner, your target audience should have the means to purchase your products and/or services right? Smartphone owners have enough money to purchase devices that aren’t cheap. This also means they have a high enough income to potentially purchase what you’re selling.

2013 Smartphone Marketing Trends for Small Business image iStock 000020543350XSmall 300x199iStock_000020543350XSmall2013 Smartphone Marketing Trend #2

85% of mobile consumers use their phone while shopping in store according to Jiwire’s quarter three report in 2012. This leads us to believe that the trend will continue in 2013. Customers are now checking out reviews and comparing prices while browsing in your store. Pull out your smartphone and see what your website looks like online? Afterwards, check out the competition. How does your site stack up? Have you checked your Yelp reviews or Google reviews lately? This is extremely important for your marketing plan in 2013.

2013 Smartphone Marketing Trend #3

For our final trend, we look to Group M who informs that 45% of customers shopping in-store will purchase online for a 2.5% discount; 60% will leave and purchase a product online for a 5% discount. This is very important information when creating your marketing plan for 2013. How do your customers research the products they purchase in your store? How much are your competitors selling the same items for? Do your competitors list their prices online? Do they have an ecommerce section? Again, how does your mobile presence stack up against the rest?

I hope you enjoyed this article on 2013 smartphone marketing trends. Contact us today to have one of our specialists look over your mobile website and tell you about location-based marketing. We look forward to hearing from you!

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