Cortex AVR Headset – Hands On With The Coolest Thing At CES 2015

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Yesterday I wrote an article about how the Oculus Rift was one of the coolest experiences of my life – thinking it would be a long time until anything cooler came along. I was wrong. It was there the whole time, hiding.

I tried getting in on the first day, but they told me I needed an appointment, and the first available spot wasn’t until the final day of the event. I took my spot, not even sure if I would remember.

I remembered about 20 minutes late today, and somehow found the small, unimpressive booth. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Sulon Technologies, founded in 2012, has their first product available for testing – the Cortex – an augmented virtual reality system. Sulon uses proprietary technology to combine virtual and augmented reality.

So, what did I experience? Two different demos; things I honestly did not think were possible with today’s technology.

I put on the headset, and saw an engine floating in the middle of the room. I put my hands up and could see my finger tips register. They told me to pull my hands apart, so I did, and the engine exploded apart, disassembling itself, with each tiny part, screw, bolt, and pipe, floating about the room.

I walked around the room, closely inspecting every piece, getting a clear look at how the engine was put together and pulled apart. I pushed my hands together, and it imploded, reassembling itself. It was right out of Iron Man,


They pulled me into the next room, and I again slipped on the headset. I could see everyone in the room, but on the far side of the room, a portal. I walked through it, and was transported into a cavern deep underground, with lava flowing below me. I looked around until I heard a roar, and a dragon exploded out of the lava. I put my hands up, creating a shield, blocking his attack. I pushed my hands forward, shooting magic spells, ice specifically, from my palms. I battled the dragon for what seemed like ten minutes, moving around the room, blocking and attacking, chipping away at his health bar.

I finally slay the dragon, he dropped a chest, I collected my loot of 200 gold. I walked back through the portal and was back in the room, the developers watching me from the corner, obviously amused.

Oculus Rift was impressive, and immersive; but this, this was interactive, fun, and imaginative. It’s still in early beta testing, with no plans of being available for public use anytime soon. But I said this once before, and i’m saying it again:

I want one.

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