Hisense Unveils 4K ULED TV At CES 2015

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Hisense brings the latest in TV technology to the Consumers Electronics Show 2015 in Las Vegas: ULED 2.0 (Ultra LED) 4K Ultra High Definition.

Hisense ULED brings enhanced 3D dimming, peak brightness of 550 nits, and an increased ratio of 800M:1. Quantum dot technology brings dramatically improved color enhancement and the 4k Ultra Definition brings a sharpness and clarity not yet seen.


Along with the unveiling of ULED, Hisense showed off its Curved TV that provides a wider depth of field with the same sharp quality from any viewing angle. Hisense combined it’s Curved TV technology with it’s ULED 2.0 to create an amazing viewer experience.


Founded in 1969 as a small radio factory in China, Hisense has grown into a multibillion dollar company with over 75,000 employees worldwide. The company has grown into the world leader of flat panel TV’s, household appliances, and mobile communication. Hisense is a household name in China, and hopes to break into the United States with the same level of popularity.

“Technology, Quality, Integrity, and Responsibility” are the four key elements of Hisense.

Besides TV’s, you can find Hisense appliances such as air conditioners, smart phones and tablets, refrigerators, and washing machines.

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