Next Gen Keyboards At CES – The Cherry RK [RealKey]

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Hidden among all the gaming demos and next gen tech are the gems for real gamers. Introducing the Cherry RK – RealKey Analog Technology.

Standard keyboard technology speed is limited. After pressing a key, nothing happens at first – the controller chip has to process the keystroke. The average reaction time is 20 milliseconds.

This also brings up the problem of limitations. Pressing several keys at the same time can cause input errors. Ghosting effects can occur, where the controller identifies a non-existing key-signal.

The Cherry RealKey replaces digital scanning with sensitive analog linking between every single key. With this RealKey technology, you get an immediate reaction of every single key you press – at exactly the moment of typing. Without any delay. A reaction time of 1 millisecond.

100% anti-ghosting, even if all keys are pressed at once. Precise input signals.


Now, what does this mean for the average computer user? Well, honestly, nothing. But for the serious competitive gamer – it means everything. Keyboard input is literally controlling how well you preform. Ghosting can have devastating effects when occurring at the worst moment.

So, gamers – be sure to keep an eye out for this next gen keyboard. Average users – only if you have the extra money laying around.

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