Repeat: DE Development of the Building Industry August

Time: 08:00Location: WiesbadenCountry: Germany Publication of the German development of the building industry ('Bauhauptgewerbe') for August 2013

Month-on-month the number of employees in the German construction industry fell by 1.7 % to 751,000 in August, while the total of hours worked dropped by 4.6 % to 79.2 mln hours. Compared to the previous month the turn over declined by 1.1 % to 8.876 bln Euro. However, the total price-adjusted value of orders received by building construction and civil and underground engineering enterprises in Germany fell 5.0 % to 114.5 (2010 = 100).

AltFrom January to August 2013 the number of employees fell by 1.3 % to an average of 731,000, while the total hours worked declined 4.6 % to 553.9 mln. Turn over lost 2.9 % to 55.661 bln Eur while the index of orders received rose 1.4 % to 113.5.


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