Remodeling Your Kitchen on a Budget [Infographic]

    By Danny Ashton | Small Business

    Remodeling Your Kitchen on a Budget [Infographic] image remodelling your kitchen on a budgetRemodeling Your Kitchen on a Budget [Infographic]

    If you are one of those cooks who spend two to three daily hours in the kitchen, but you’re unhappy with the look of it, you may want to know that there is a solution. You can remodel the core of your house and spend a trifle, compared to the average £8,000 it takes to usually transform a kitchen. It’s not magic, it’s a combination between respecting a budget and putting your hands to work along with your brain and will power. It’s possible (yet surprising!) to change your kitchen with a few hundred pounds if you commit to doing things for yourself and have the necessary time to change a room so important as this one.

    It’s really worth if you think that each one of us spends three years of our life in the kitchen chopping, boiling, decorating and baking, among other delicious activities.  At least those that love to cook or that can, at least, boil pasta. What you need to know is that there are little details that you can change without spending a lot of money and that will make your kitchen feel totally different. We are talking about simple stuff such as replacing the handles and painting your cupboard doors or installing a pot rack with some new cookware as a useful, yet decorative piece.

    New floor and lights can also be added, but you might need a little help on these tasks. Call a handy friend and offer to cook him a delicious meal, maybe? Hey, every little thing helps when you want to respect a budget, but your DIY skills are limited to a brush and some paint. Learn more advices like these ones in our infographic “Remodeling your kitchen on a budget” and you will see how easy it is to transform your kitchen for a little money.


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