Reddit Marketing 101


Noun: a type of online community where users vote on content

Verb: to take part in a Reddit community

The social news network brings internet users together by way of trending content and equal opportunity. With a user policy focused around free speech and anonymity, the news shown on Reddit is based on community popularity as well as individual topic preferences. Also (self) proclaimed “the front page of the internet,” stories move up or down the page, depending upon user votes.

In 2012, Reddit served 137 billion page views and 400 million unique visitors. The network also received a total of 4 billion votes – averaging 133 votes per post. As Reddit continues to build its digital presence, it’s important for brands to understand how to leverage this network in marketing efforts. We outline three of the major benefits available through its features below.

How to use Reddit in your social media marketing strategy:

Brand Visibility. Reddit can greatly increase awareness for your brand through content sharing and voting. Content quality is key here, as the more votes a post receives, the higher up it appears on the page. The amount of attention your posts receive is also contingent on the type of content and demographic of users. 58% of Reddit users are under the age of 35, and there are more males than females. Knowing that may alter which of your content you post on the site.

Ask Reddit. Users can ask anything to an open forum and receive answers from the community. This possesses potential for consumer feedback, in that brands can post questions about certain products, services or general industries and receive answers without agendas.

A popular offshoot of Ask Reddit is “AMA” – ask me anything. President Obama held one of the question-and-answer sessions last year and set Reddit records, becoming the #1 post in 2012.

Subreddits. These topic-focused sub-forums offer value for brands looking to target niche groups. Anyone can create one, meaning there are few stones left uncovered. This is a good way to observe communities and demographics, as well as do market research. There are even subreddits dedicated to (big) brands, such as Taco Bell and Nike.

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