Recruitment ad requires skilled tattoo artists to accurately shade in a QR code

While QR codes have become a popular way for businesses to easily link to digital content, truly integrating them into campaigns can take a little more creativity. We’ve already seen Korean retailer Emart use the sun to create a shadow code that can only be scanned at a particular time of the day, and now a recruitment campaign from Berrge Tattoo is getting artists to color in a code precisely enough to be able to unlock a link to apply for a job at the company.

Created by Turkey-based advertising agency Büro, the print ad featured a faint QR code superimposed on a skin-like image, with the text ‘New tattoo artists wanted. To apply, fill in the QR code carefully’. The idea behind the campaign is that only those with a steady hand and the patience to complete an awkward task will be able to scan the completed code and apply for a position.

Although a seemingly simple concept, Büro thought outside the box to make QR codes more useful for their clients’ needs. Are there other ways to better engage audiences with this technology?


Spotted by: Tracy Chong

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