Real estate information delivered to a phone when pointed at any property

While company’s such as New Zealand’s Ruatuna have helped househunters get a better feel for a property with overnight trial stays, this kind of access isn’t always possible, especially if it isn’t even on the market yet. An app from real estate search platform Homesnap now allows users to simply take a photo of a home to find detailed information valuable to buyers.

Those downloading the app – currently available for free for iOs platforms and soon for Android devices – simply point their smartphone camera at any property and take a photo. The image – along with its geotags – is uploaded to the Homesnap database and detected as one of 90 million US properties. Information such as value, recent sales and open house dates is then delivered to the user. The app pulls the data from the multiple listing services, property tax records, census figures and mortgage rates that real estate professionals use. Additionally, friends and family can pool their snaps in shared photo streams, allowing users to get help from others when looking for a home. The following video shows the app in action:

Homesnap puts information usually only found after thorough searching on property websites into the hands of househunters while they are at the location of a home, making them better informed. Could other industries use similar technology to empower consumers?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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