How to Reach New and Old Customers Through Programmatic Marketing

How to Reach New and Old Customers Through Programmatic Marketing image 16386922 300x217How to Reach New and Old Customers Through Programmatic Marketing

Retailers have long sought to reach the right people with the right message. Even when marketing a product that everybody needs (toilet paper, socks, laundry detergent), you want to reach the people most likely to make the purchase (moms, 20-somethings, single folk). For a long time, marketers just had to make their media picks and hope for the best.

But, luckily for retailers, there’s now programmatic marketing—a practice that retailers can use to reach customers with ads based on the pages they visited, the articles and videos they’ve read and watched, and even the search terms they’ve entered into sites like Google.

In other words, programmatic marketing helps you find just the right audience.

The New Customer Machine: Search Retargeting

In the Google era, search intent has been the most effective component of online marketing, and it makes sense. When someone searches for “Manchester United tickets” or “Ugg boots,” chances are that persons wants some Man-U tickets or Ugg boots.

Search ads have been the foundation of Google’s empire, and marketers have driven up search ad prices, with the top terms now commanding around £45 per click. That’s a crazy price to pay, but, thankfully, it’s not the only way to leverage the power of search intent.

A much more effective alternative is Search Retargeting, a practice that lets you target people with display ads based on the keywords they’ve entered into Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines.  That means you can target users who searched for your product with display ads around the web, offering sales and incentives that will convince users to click and buy. And, since these users will never have visited your site before, they’re truly new customers.

The Customer Boomerang: Programmatic Site Retargeting

Gaining new customers is great, but you’re probably also frustrated by customers who visit your site and pick out items for purchase, only to abandon their carts. And there are the customers who browse many items but buy only one. You can see that they’re interested, and you want them to come back and complete the purchase. Enter: Site Retargeting.

Site Retargeting is the most popular form of programmatic marketing, letting you target users with ads based on the pages they’ve visited on your site. So, if someone visits the Ugg Boots page but leaves after browsing, you can target that user with a display ad for 20% off their next purchase.

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) platforms are what make this all possible, as you’re able to instantaneously bid to serve a display ad to a user on a particular web page, such as

At Chango, we take Site Retargeting to the next level with Programmatic Site Retargeting (PSR), which allows us to assign a visitor score to each user. After all, someone who abandoned a shopping cart with £1,000 worth of clothes is much more valuable than someone who visits your home page and then quickly leaves. We calculate this visitor score based on factors such as the referral site, the date and time of the visit, on-site behavior, and CRM data, giving us a sophisticated profile of each user that tells us how much to bid to serve each ad impression. That way, you never miss the chance to get your most valuable customers back to your site.

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