Quick and Dirty Content Syndication Guide: Do’s and Don’ts for Today’s Channel Marketer

I wish I could tell you that content syndication was a set-it-and-forget solution that solves any and all of your problems in the channel. The reality, however, is that it does not always work that way. What I can tell you is that content syndication solutions are extremely effective for improving channel sales and marketing efforts when utilized correctly. I’ve assembled some of my favorite “do’s and don’ts” of content syndication below to help Channel Marketers make the most of this valuable technology!

Solution Choice

When choosing a content syndication solution, DO seek out a syndication provider that includes all the options and lets you decide what is best for your channel community. DON’T let providers convince you that you need their help with enrollment – it doesn’t have to be a complicated process. If enrollment and usage requires partners to log in and make frequent return trips to a portal, it is not going to be effective for the short or long term. If a partner can’t find content tailored to them that is targeted to the audiences they serve, it’s too difficult. If it takes technically skilled web personnel to place the content on their website, it will exclude lots of partners from participating in your syndication community. DO find a solution that automates the process with the fewest amounts of steps to conversion, but DON’T adopt a syndication solution that tries to replicate a “broken” process. Use your syndication program to help your business work smarter.

Room for Growth

Any successful business knows not to limit itself in terms of growth. Enforcing artificial limits puts a potential cap on your program’s future potential! DO select a syndication solution that helps your company grow your digital channels of opportunity. When making purchasing decisions, be sure to ask yourself how the solution will support your first, second and third year plan. Enrollment is key for year one, but driving content interaction and conversion become more and more important in more mature syndication programs.  DON’T be shortsighted in your buying decision, and select a syndication solution with only your first year objective in mind. Finally, DO select a syndication provider that allows you unlimited growth without incurring a per partner fee. Your syndication solution provider should not limit your success by capping partners, updates or limitations on content.

Be Realistic

DO use content syndication as an important tool to enhance your broad channel marketing strategy and current marketing efforts. It can certainly help you build a bigger, more holistic digital channel strategy. However, DON’T think that content syndication will automate your partner management. While these types of solutions greatly improve marketing efficiency, they cannot operate alone and will not replace a knowledgeable channel marketing executive. For this reason, you DO have to lay out a clear plan on how a syndication solution will help enhance your channel. DON’T think the program will run itself.

Partner Relations

In order for syndication solutions to be successful for you, they also need to be successful for your partners. The partners need to be on board for these solutions to work properly, and issues over price or partner limitations can be a deal-breaker. For this reason, DO craft MDF fund incentives to help promote adoption of the solution, but DON’T ask your partners to pay for the solution themselves. DO remember that your partners are very busy, so making it simple to execute marketing programs will give you mind share with your channel community. DON’T for a second think that you’re the only brand asking them to sell products and services!

Content, Content, Content

A content syndication solution is largely ineffective if your content isn’t high quality, and not all content will produce the same results. DO pay attention to which content is performing, DO keep your content as up to date as possible and DO consider crafting content specifically for your channel. DON’T ignore the analytics from the channel and DON’T trap yourself with limited content updates.

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