The PS4 won't play Blu-ray movies, nor do pretty much anything, out of the box

    By (Simon Khoury) | Small Business

    Remember the Wii U launch-day fiasco? History will repeat itself with Sony's PlayStation 4, it seems, as the console will be crippled without a required day one update.

    A software update to firmware 1.50 will be launched on the same day the PS4 launches in North America - November 15 that is, for those of you who forgot to mark their calendar.

    Without it, the PS4 will be blocked from playing Blu-ray or DVD movies, amongst other things... Many, many important other things, for that matter.

    Remote Play (streaming games from the PS4 to your Vita), recording and broadcasting game footage, online multiplayer, using the Vita/PSP or your smartphone as a second screen for certain games... All of these features won't be working out of the box.

    But wait, it gets better...

    Multiple user login, multi-party chat, playing games as they're being downloaded, facial recognition and voice commands with PlayStation camera... These too are a no-go without that omnipotent update. So basically, the PS4 is pretty helpless out of the box.

    But let's assume for a moment that internet connection is present and fast come that glorious moment you plug in your new Playstation for the first time. Are Sony's servers going to weather the storm of downloads that will hit it like a tidal wave on d-day? Who knows. We'd forget about setting up a ceremonial impromptu match with your friends, if we were you.

    Sony could basically allow us to download the file on a USB drive ahead of time, then stick it in and perform the update promptly on launch day. We've reached out to its local office for a comment, and we'll report back once our T3 mailman gets back with a response.

    Via: Techradar

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