Protect Your Reputation with Main Page Rankings on Google

When is the last time you actually Google’d yourself, your web site or company name? If you don’t have the #1 listing the search results you should!

Better yet, if you aren’t currently dominating the first page of the search results for your name then you are potentially in big trouble!

It’s now easier than every for some random troll or customer to post negative feedback or reviews about yourself or your business and have it rank on the main page of Google. This can easily be accomplished through the use of social networks and well known review sites like RipoffReport and Yelp.

So how can you protect yourself from this happening to you?

The best way to be proactive and keep your online reputation safe is to make sure you are ranking for as many Google main page listings as you can. Through the use of social networks and resume/profile sites this should be a fairly simple process depending on the name you are trying to rank for.

This means you should have a, LinkedIn, Facebook Fan Page, Facebook Profile, Google+, Pinterest and Twitter account for your personal and business name.

I wrote a detailed post a few weeks ago about how to create a killer profile page that will definitely rank well for your name or business. One of the many reasons why ranks so well is because it allows you to provide a lot of text and information about yourself, while also using your name in third person, so you are triggering your keyword that you are trying to rank for.

Below you will see an example of my Zac Johnson profile page that continually ranks well for my name in the search results. It’s free to create a personal page and one for your business as well.

Protect Your Reputation with Main Page Rankings on Google image Zac Johnson Completed Profile ResumeHow to Create the Perfect Resume Profile

Using Social Networks to Rank Higher in the Search Results

As mentioned, isn’t the only social network that you should be focusing on. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ also have a massive amount of strength and link power behind them, which means they will also rank well for your personal and business name if you build them up with content and a few quality links.

Protect Your Reputation with Main Page Rankings on Google image Major Social NetworksProtect Your Reputation with Main Page Rankings on Google

Utilizing the major social networks will give you a much better chance of ranking for multiple listings on the main page of Google versus trying to create new sites from scratch on your own. It’s also advised that you link these social profiles together to increase your rankings and traffic flowing between these sites. Many sites like will ask you for your other social networking urls so you can sync them all up in one location.

Using Mini Sites and Established Sites to Increase Rankings

In addition to creating social profile pages you can also create mini sites based around your existing sites or personal/business name. These sites will be harder to rank in the beginning as they won’t have a lot of incoming links and age behind them, but they will definitely help in the long run.

If you have the opportunity to guest blog or provide content on any high level news sites or authority blogs this will also help. When you contribute content to other sites you will usually receive an “author” page that lists your information and guest posts. When writing for a high end authority site, these pages should also rank well for your author name.

When it comes to creating new content and mini sites around your name or business you have a lot of options. The best way to build out content for these sites is to use real stories, positive customer reviews, and information that people will find valuable and can relate with. Using customer reviews is a tricky process, but they are fine as long as these are legitimate and authentic reviews. The NY Attorney General recently went after 19 different reputation management companies for posting fake reviews for their clients across the internet. also offers a customer review widget that allows you to collect reviews right through your own web site.

Tracking the Performance of Your Efforts

All of these methods mentioned are great for improving your chances for dominating the main page of the search results for your personal and business name. The more quality and high level content you put out there, the better. Of course you can’t just throw everything out there and hope for the best. You are going to need to have access to some powerful monitoring tools to track your performance and movements in the search results. To do this you can sign up to the Command Center for free, which will provide you with a powerful arsenal of tools for protecting your reputation online.

If you want to rank well in the search engines for your personal or business name, follow these steps and always make sure you are posting real information that provides value. The last thing you want is to do a poor job and have it come back to hurt your rankings and reputation later on.

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