Productivity – The Topic No One Talks About

    By Brent Pohlman | Small Business

    Productivity – The Topic No One Talks About image ID 10087271Productivity – The Topic No One Talks AboutWhy aren’t more people talking about productivity?

    People in marketing talk about analytics, social media, press releases, advertisements.

    Many executivtes talk about how busy they are. Busy is an over-used word which means they are filling time doing some type of activity.

    It is time for marketers to talk about productivity. Productivity can be measured in a number of ways:

    • Total Sales
    • Total client inquiries addressed
    • New Accounts opened daily, monthly, annually
    • New Product(s)/Service(s) introduced
    • Projects (Started/Completed)

    These metrics show results of our work. They can be basis by which to measure productivity.

    Market and Sell Your Companys’ Productivity – Most people miss out on this important concept.

    Today, I am seeing way too many people talking about being busy and doing ok. When people ask me how things are going, I talk in specifics: sales are up, volume of work has increased over the past few months and continues to remin high. We have several projects we are working on to keep up with our current production capacity.

    This type of information is the way to sell your company to someone. Any sales or marketing person can talk about business and what is the glamour in talking about how busy a person is. Do you connect to people who are busy? I want to know more, but sadly many people do not know how to talk about productivity.

    Productivity can be a huge selling point to a potential client. People want to be a part of a growing company, one that is meeting client needs and is continually improving processes to meet those needs.

    If you are a marketing professional and you do not have any idea about your companys’ productivity, you need to find out and look for ways to incorporate productivity into your conversation.


    The next time someone asks you how things are going at your company make sure you talk about your companys’ productivity. I guarantee you that people will look at you a lot differently and will ask for more.

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