How to Prevent Misuse of Your SMS Marketing Coupons

How to Prevent Misuse of Your SMS Marketing Coupons image texting in relationships 650x349 600x322How to Prevent Misuse of Your SMS Marketing Coupons

For a number of businesses text message coupons and offers are an important part of their SMS marketing campaign.  How well SMS marketing benefits businesses is tremendous, but this isn’t to say there are not a few pitfalls also associated with presenting customers with these special coupon offers and savings.

Misusing Coupons and Offers
A common worry that comes along with text message marketing is offers being used in an inappropriate manner. Whether it is using the coupon more times than indicated or sharing it with friends, these misuses of the coupons can cause big trouble to come your way. There are a few ways that you can reduce the likelihood of this happening, however.

If you are worried that your SMS coupon offers are going to be misused and abused, take a look at four simple, easy ways that you can prevent your text message marketing campaigns from getting out of control.

Use Expiration Dates
Including an expiration date in your text message is easy and it is one of the simplest ways to control your text message coupon usage. For example, you could offer a coupon good for one-day only, or a discount with a use by date attached.

Create a Time Sensitive Offer
Another fun and easy way to prevent abuse of your coupons is to limit the times the offer can be redeemed. For example, you could offer a free entree with a meal purchase to the first 25 people inside of your restaurant.

Train Your Staff
Your staff members should know the number that the text message is to come from. This can eliminate forwarded text messages from those who aren’t actually on the list. Whether you use a short code or a keyword, your staff should know them all.

Use a Email or Web Page for Coupon Deliver
Redemptions that are tracked using a bar code scanner are usually best processed when they are sent via email or web page. Ask the customer if this is okay for such an offer. You will still enjoy the benefits of text message marketing while lessening the risk of harming your promotion.

As you can see there are four great ways  that you can implement into your SMS marketing to ensure that you are delivering to your customers while also getting in return. Make sure that you use them all and you will never have this worry on your mind.

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