How To Prepare Your SEO For The Next Penguin Update

The Penguin is coming to cause havoc in SEO

A few days ago Matt Cuttss announced that a Google Penguin update is coming later this month which will be one of the most talked about updates this year.

After a recent Russian link network used and abused for SEO purposes was targeted Google has on it’s back several others which is what this algorithm is all about.

Penalising websites that use high volumes of low quality links from these networks.

A lot of people are over optimising websites with keyword rich anchor text and once Google releases the next update these websites will be penalised and rankings will drop due to the fact that they have very rich and heavily focused anchor texts.

What to do to prepare for SEO in 2013?

Well the first thing to note is that if you are using automated link building software i suggest to stop doing so. You must control all the elements of your domain when you conduct SEO according to Mr Isaac of SEO company GMG SEO. Allowing a software to increase the risk of your website getting penalised is poor business practice

Another main point to note is that if you have been conducting link building yourself and you are using keyword rich anchor text, I suggest to stop this as well.

A good website must have the majority of its backlinks with its URL or brand name as the anchor text.

This is how the big G can determine if you truly are an authority for your niche. Have a look at the backlink profile of Facebook and You Tube and you will notice the majority of the links follow this format.

Content surrounding your link is what determines what your site should be ranking for, so take note and make changes to your SEO best practices before it is too late.

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