PR Power: Upping Authoritative Online Reputation

A company’s online reputation is only as good as others say it is. However, there are plenty of ways to get an edge above competition by perfecting your Web-presence and online brand campaigns. According to an article on Search Engine Watch, companies often up their thought leaders’ (CEOs, CFOs, research and development staff, etc.) online voice by publishing articles and citing them for content creation. Here are a few brief tips for utilizing Web sources for online branding, followed by a rundown on PR strategies:

  • Social Media: Regardless of your businesses niche, there is always room on social media to make some noise. That noise, however, needs to cut back on the promo content and stick to informative, intriguing posts that help potential and existing consumers better understand your company. Through various social media platforms, you can tie together all of your public relations content with links, hashtags, and subjects. If you were mentioned in the news for charitable work, for example, you could send out a Tweet, post the article link on Facebook, and publish a picture through Instagram.
  • Live Commentary: The difference between advertising online rather than through billboards and flyers is that you have the opportunity to communicate and respond with your followers. Take advantage of forums and guest comments and reach out to your marketing base through online resources.
  • Dot-com Ads: No matter what kind of content you’re publishing, you can utilize services like Google AdWords to leverage articles and websites. These services are affordable, efficient, and completely targetable.
  • Pure Content: As this blog has mentioned in the past, good content increases its share-ability and authority. Always strive to publish articles and social media that you would want to read. Make it informative, intriguing, and entertaining.

PR Tips

The endgame of PR campaigns is to create an authoritative, uniformed voice. Through the above-mentioned outlets, this is possible as long as you’re staying on top of posts and articles. The article mentions that thought leaders’ and public figures’ voices are often the most likely to be heard — though your brands’ leaders are busy doing their jobs, it only takes a few minutes to get a quote or have them outline an article. Here are a few ways to utilize them:

Guest Contributions

Guest blogging, according to the article, is one of the best ways to increase a brand’s online presence. This is due to link building and sharing resources, but is also easy when a thought leader doesn’t have the time to write a full article. Have an informed writer shape a leader’s comments about a trending subject into a blog and share it through social media. Make sure to stay away from promotional content!

Multimedia Mentions

Podcasts, radio shows, and YouTube videos are great ways to support PR. Try to work out a give-take deal with a popular Internet source and have your thought leader make an appearance on various industry-related podcasts.


Sponsoring industry-related events are useful to build relations with other businesses. Through these functions you can easily make arrangements for guest bloggers and find outlets for purporting thought leaders’ opinions.

Charities and Contests

Who doesn’t like a dunking booth or blood drive? Whenever your company’s CEO, president, or other person of interest participates in brand-related community events, make sure to get a quote from them or have them write up an opinion piece as to why the event helps the community. Consumer-related Web contests includes scholarships and product/services giveaways. Get creative — it’s the Internet, and people are tired of unoriginal PR.

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