Powerful Sales Lessons – From a Baby?

    By Frank Rumbauskas | Small Business

    My wife and I had our first child recently – woohoo! It’s been a lot of fun, and a huge learning experience as well.

    Since this is our first and we had no idea what to do, we hired a baby nurse for a few days, not to take care of the baby as much as to teach us how to take care of the baby ourselves.

    The most obvious part of baby care is that you’re never pleading with or begging the baby to do anything. Instead, you create the ideal circumstances to get the baby to do what you want, or what’s best for the baby.

    What’s most interesting is that unlike typical, sleep-deprived, frazzled new parents, we’re sleeping pretty well and are relaxed and life is going on mostly as normal. All this because of a little bit of knowledge!

    This was also true when we got a dog. We have a Great Dane, and with a dog of that size, you can’t mess around with it being untrained. So we hired a military dog trainer to come to the house, but rather than train the dog directly, what she did was teach us how to train the dog. The results were pretty amazing, and people are continually amazed at how well-behaved she is.

    Again, there was no begging or pleading or saying “please” to the dog. You create the ideal circumstances, and the dog does what you want it to do.

    The bottom line with both dogs and babies? Begging doesn’t get them to do what you want.


    If begging doesn’t work with dogs or babies, it most definitely won’t work with sales prospects. In fact, it actually turns them off and gives them all the reasons in the world not to BUY from you.

    Like parents who go through life, or at least those first few months, frazzled and sleep-deprived, most salespeople go through their lives frazzled and stressed out. And frequently broke.


    Because they’re not learning HOW to be successful. Worse, they sell in a way that comes across as BEGGING and PLEADING to prospects!

    Begging & pleading with baby = fussy difficult baby.
    Begging & pleading with dog = bad dog.
    Begging & pleading with prospects (even if you don’t realize you’re doing it) = NO SALES.

    So do yourself a favor, stop begging & pleading with prospects. Stop putting prospects up on a pedestal and supplicating to them and treating them like superiors. Instead, take charge and create the circumstances for them to buy right now.

    “Circumstances? Hell, I make circumstances! ATTACK!”
    -Napoleon Bonaparte

    You need to have the same attitude in sales! Don’t beg & plead – ATTACK!

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