The Power of One

The Power of One image 2893549851 ef5121f78b mThe Power of One

I’ve passed up quite a few opportunities because I’m just one person. I sometimes enter contests, but more often than not I walk away because I compute the odds in my head and figure that I don’t really have a chance of winning. Every time an election rolls around, I hear people saying they don’t plan to vote because, after all, they are “just one person” and surely their vote can’t count.

We really need to stop thinking in terms of the lack of power we have as “just one person” or “just one vote.”

A great example of this showed up in my Facebook newsfeed the other day, and while it is contrived, I think it shows us the power of one. Watch this video and see the power that just one coin can hold:

And yet we still avoid certain scenarios because we don’t understand the power of one.

We don’t give to causes or back great crowdsourcing projects because, after all, we’re just one person. Our contribution certainly won’t matter, right?

We don’t vote. We don’t click the like or share buttons online, because our little contribution is meaningless, right?

Yeah, you’ve heard it before, but when you take all the votes, coins, shares, likes, etc. in the world, each of them is “just one person.”

We miss opportunities by thinking of ourselves and others as “just one person.” We miss the ability to be a part of something big. We diminish the role that we can play in doing something good, in telling stories, and yes, in selling products.

There is a lot of power in one. All we have to do is act. It doesn’t mean that it will take off and multiply each time, but without a crystal ball, we can’t guess which ones will be successful. So we keep on voting, giving, liking, and sharing those things which we deem important.

You might be “just one person” but you do have the power to do something good.

You have power, so use it wisely. Just don’t get me started on how the power of one can be used to tear down and destroy…

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