Halloween: When fairy tales become scary tales



Halloween revelers and scary-movie fans enjoy brushes with imaginary death in the form of vampires, zombies, mummies, ghostly specters and other shiver-inducing creatures, but they’re not so keen on confronting the real thing.

A Rocket Lawyer survey revealed that 64 percent of Americans do not have wills. More alarmingly, 51 percent of married Americans with children and 83 percent of single Americans with children haven’t put their final bequests on paper. When parents die without wills, they forfeit the opportunity to designate who will receive their assets after they’re gone. They also lose the chance to officially name the person they’d like to raise their kids, opening the possibility of child-custody battles.

More survey findings include:

  • 90% of Americans aged 18-34 do not have a will.
  • 80% of Americans aged 35-44 do not have a will.
  • 75% of Americans believe the most important digital asset to protect in the case of their death is online banking and financial accounts; 33% of Americans believe email accounts are the most important.
  • 14% percent of Americans do not have a will because they don’t want to think about death.
  • 9% of Americans would protect their social media accounts in the event of their death.

Shake off fears or superstitions about death and dying, if only for the short time it takes to learn more about voluntary life insurance. Then plug a few numbers into Aflac’s life insurance calculator to estimate how much you need to protect your family from a potentially scary situation.

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