Top Ten Innovation Report for September

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    1 UK motorways could soon have an in-road EV charging lane

    Equipment installed beneath the road surface could soon be wirelessly charging EV vehicles as they travel along UK motorways.

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    2 Crypto-fuel could power the growing Internet of Things

    Ethereum has created a Bitcoin-like cryptocurrency called Ether, the value of which is based on computing power, and could eventually power smart devices.

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    3 Rainforest desktop app could curb wasteful office printing

    The Deforested Desktop app places an interactive image of a dwindling rainforest onto workers’ computers to encourage thrifty printing.

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    The hiding ad is a smart billboard advertising banned European goods, which automatically scrolls out of rotation when the police approach.

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    6 Virtual workplace simulator enables companies to trial job candidates

    Human iTech that has created a virtual workplace simulation, which businesses can use for recruitment, personal assessment and training.

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    7 Amsterdam scheme lets visitors hitchhike on the back of locals’ bicycles

    Yellow Backie is an Amsterdam initiative which encourages visitors to get a free ride on the luggage rack of a local’s bicycle.

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    8 Airport sensor system tracks mobile phones to provide accurate wait times

    At JFK airport, the BlipTrack Indoor Sensor system uses beacons and passengers’ phones to determine very accurate waiting times.

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    9 Smart disc makes any surface into an Internet of Things remote control

    Knocki lets users control their smart homes via knocking patterns on any chosen surface.

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    10 Bike lock requires cyclists to take a breathalyzer test

    The Alcho-Lock is a Bluetooth connected bike lock which requires users to take a breathalyzer test before it will unlock.

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