10 Inspiring Best Practices To Learn From High-Converting Websites

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    Want great ideas for improving your website to get more sales or leads? From your current traffic levels?

    For inspiration and ideas to improve your website, look no further than these 10 best practices from high-converting websites like Moz.com and GetResponse.com.

    These are just 10 of over 80 high-converting websites I discuss in my new website sales-boosting course.

    These 10 best practices show screen shots and animated images of many aspects of their websites, like optimal call-to-action buttons, highly engaging headlines, and clear value proposition/benefits.

    I recommend testing different aspects of these best practice examples in your website and see which converts more visitors into sales or leads – and learning from more best practices!

    The 10 best practices to inspire your website improvement efforts

    1: SiDigital.co – this web agency makes excellent of use of animation to tell a story and build value proposition on their homepage, ending with a strong call-to-action at the end of the page. A breath of high-converting homepage fresh air!


    2: VWO.com – this A/B testing tool site makes great use of a powerful animated intro video to explain benefits, and is prominently shown on the homepage to gain maximum exposure. It’s also less than 2 minutes to ensure its fully watched – another best practice.

    Good intro video animated

    3. GetResponse.com – this email marketing tool homepage features a really awesome powerful headline and subheader that uses strong usage numbers to build social proof. They also have a great intro video and short bullet points explaining key features.

    getresponse homepage

    4. WebSynthesis.com – this hosting website from the folks behind CopyBlogger.com have really excellent use of homepage headline and module to clearly explain unique value proposition (in particular why pick them versus another host). Essential in a competitive market like this.

    Good uvp example

    5. Moz.com – this well-known website has a really strong call-to-action button on their homepage that includes risk reducer messaging (free trial), plus a great alternative text call-to-action under it if visitor isn’t ready to take a trial yet.

    moz homepage button

    6. Unbounce.com – this landing page tool website features many conversion best practices, but in particular has excellent use of homepage testimonials to build social proof, featuring both video and expert testimonials. The client logos help to boost their social proof even further.

    Good social proof

    7. DesignerCrowd.co.uk – this website’s homepage does a great job of using a really influential prominent risk reducer – offering 100% money back guarantee (with popup when clicked to explain more). Certainly increases conversions and signups!

    risk reducer example

    8. InMotionHosting.com – this hosting company website makes awesome use of helpful tables to show unique value proposition on their features page, including comparisons to their major competitors. Anyone selling services should feature a comparison table like this to boost sales – excellent stuff.

    Good services page example

    9. Adroll.com – this re-targeting website makes great use of a side bar on their signup page to re-emphasize benefits of joining. Definitely worth testing adding to any signup or checkout flow to increase conversions (don’t presume your visitors know or remember the benefits!)

    sign up best practice

    10. ContentMarketingInstitute.com – the blog for this website features a really good example of an uncluttered side bar focused on key useful content (apart from the survey), with a great opt-in box at the top featuring excellent usage numbers to build social proof.

    Good blog animated

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