When Do You Know that You are Successful?

    By | Small Business

    shutterstock_238881079Is is money, title, power? No. Experience from studying hundreds of successful people in all walks of life shows me you are successful when:

    You are working towards, are on the brink, or have met your dream life and career goals while you remain a solid citizen. You are viewed as a “good” person: responsible, honest, and fair. You have not, will not, do not let the business political system corrupt you. The upshot is your co-workers truly like, trust, and respect you — and your family members do too.

    When you communicate — which you have to do all of the time with everyone in some manner or another — you are deemed as: impressive, memorable, credible, genuine, trusted, liked, competent, confident, comfortable, cool, calm, and collected. You set a good example of personal empowerment and leadership and you help infuse it in others.

    Money, title, power may be an outcome of success, but’s that’s not what makes you a success.

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