60 Second CEO: Mark Sisson of Primal Nutrition

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    Ken Rutkowski of Business Rockstars rapid fire interviews entrepreneurial CEOs in one minute for the series The 60 Second CEO.

    Here’s Mark Sisson, CEO of Primal Nutrition.

    KR: 60 seconds,let’s go. Who’s your favorite entrepreneur?

    MS: Richard Branson.

    KR: Last costume you wore?

    MS: Oh. Umm. [laughs] Dressed up as a woman at Halloween. Let’s not go there!

    KR: Favorite animal?

    MS: Ummm. Alligator.

    KR: Wow. Between one and ten, how weird are you?

    MS: Oh, Three.

    KR: Favorite book you’ve ever read?

    MS: ‘Once a Great Notion,’ by Ken Kesey.

    KR: What’s the best advice you’ve received?

    MS: Ummm. Invest in yourself.

    KR: How many hours of sleep do you get at night?

    MS: Eight and a half.

    KR: First thing you do when you wake up?

    MS: Cup of coffee.

    KR: Last thing you do when you go to bed?

    MS: Kiss my wife.

    KR: How many hours do you spend online?

    MS: Ohhh. Way too many. Research, that’s what I do, I do research so it’s going to be at least three hours a day online.

    KR: Every day?

    MS: Yeah.

    KR: One word. What word would describe you?

    MS: Ohh. Evangelist.

    KR: Evangelist. [Buzzer sounds - incorrectly]. Alligator. Give me three adjectives that describe an alligator.

    MS: Dinosaurial…

    KR: [interrupts] That’s not an adjective! Give me a real adjective!

    MS: Yes it is - I made it up! Ummm. Powerful , adaptive, ummm and imposing I guess.

    KR: Dinosaurial! You know because generally we associate with our favorite animal and that’s ourselves. You do not want to be a dinosaur! I was trying to save you from that.

    MS: But I’m 61.

    KR: That doesn’t make you old! Let’s see. Stan Lee is in his 90s and he still acts like he’s in his 40s, alright?

    MS: That’s right.

    KR: So stop that 61 thing. You don’t feel 61 do you?

    MS: No, I feel 17.

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