8 Gifts Entrepreneurs Should Give Themselves This Holiday Season

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    The holidays are upon us. Chances are you’ve been running around purchasing gifts for all of the important people in your life. But I don’t want you to forget to treat yourself this holiday season.

    Between social events, familial obligations and annual traditions, the holidays can be very draining. When 2015 rolls around, you will want to feel refreshed and like you’re ready to hit the ground running. So it’s important that you carve out time for yourself in between your commitments. Mind you, these aren’t gifts you have to purchase – so you have no excuses not to try to enjoy them.

    1. A strong body

    Don’t forget to exercise this holiday season. Between indulgent meals, delicious baked goods and alcohol, this is a tough time of year on your body. But having a strong body will lead you to having a strong mind. So whether you find a family member to work out with or not, get moving. 

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    2. A well-rested mind

    Make an effort to sleep well. We all know what that means – shut down your illuminated screens early, leave your phone in another room, go to bed early, etc. Do you what you need to do so that you feel rejuvenated.

    3. A roadmap

    Take this time to do a little planning. What are your goals for 2015? How are you going to accomplish them? You’ll feel more and more excited about getting back to work when you have something to look forward to. 

    4. Some perspective

    Pick up a new book. Pick up a magazine you’ve never read before. Consider reading an article about a topic you know nothing about. This is a great time to relax your mind and boost your creativity by focusing on learning something new.

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    5. A dance party

    Is there a better way to let loose and express yourself than dancing? I don’t think so. Put on your favorite radio channel or Spotify playlist and get grooving.

    6. Unscheduled time

    Plans give us something to look forward. But to really unwind, you need carve out time in your schedule and schedule absolutely nothing at all. Get in touch with how you’re feeling in that moment and do whatever feels right.

    7. A pat on the back

    Reflect back on all of the things you have done this year to help others.

    8. A moment

    Stop moving so fast for a second! Sit still. Whatever it takes for you to appreciate the little details of life.

    This holiday season I’ll be focusing on staying engaged with my family – and trying to follow this advice as closely as possible!

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