Possible Dangers of Social Media

    By Brian Horvath | Small Business

    Social media is praised far and wide for the marketing power that is can possess. While there are many great aspects to using social media for promotional purposes, there are some potential downfalls. If a company is not properly positioned to use social media effectively, it could do more harm than good. Before launching social media pages and accounts, make sure the warnings below do not apply to your business.

    Unable to Stay Current

    In the digital age, there isn’t much that reflects worse on a business than social media accounts that fall out of date and go ignored by their owners. If a potential customer comes across your social media accounts only to find they are never updated and have questions left unanswered from other users, they might wonder how seriously you take your business. Ignoring the social media accounts you have created is akin to leaving the closed sign on the door while you are open for business. In short, if you are going to open social media accounts, make sure you can keep them up to date.

    So how do you keep these accounts current while running a business? If you have employees at your business, considered delegating responsibility for the social media to one of them. You will likely have volunteers for a job that is a break from the regular grind, and it would be great experience for an employee with dreams of a marketing career. By making social media a regular part of an employee’s duties you can be sure that it will stay current and be given the attention it requires.

    Nothing to Say

    There are some businesses that simply don’t jive with the social media scene. If you are a business that mostly does business with other businesses (and not end-consumers), you probably won’t have much in the way of informative or interesting content to post to your social media accounts. When trying to pursue business through social media as a B2B company, you are more likely to just annoy people than gain any real brand equity. You would be better off using traditional channels and leaving social media for businesses that deal with the consumers themselves.

    Still Getting Established

    A real-world business that is just getting its feet on the ground might want to hold off a few months before jumping in to social media. If you were to catch lightening in a bottle and have a huge rush of business from your social media campaign, you might not be able to handle it from a logistical standpoint. Dropping the ball on customers early in your existence could be a mistake you don’t recover from. Make sure before you start getting into social media that you are fully prepared for the business that could possibly come your way.

    In most cases, social media marketing is a great idea. There are, however, some exceptions like the situations noted above. Make sure you carefully consider all aspects before opening up social accounts and trying to gain business through this evolving medium.

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