Portable 3D cutting machine brings complex design to the home

    By Tom | Small Business

    Companies such as Fabsie have already taken advantage of CNC technology, by enabling consumers to cut its furniture at any location they wish, using their own materials. But for those who want to complete complex DIY projects themselves, the Handibot is a portable CNC machine that is powered by apps.

    With typical CNC projects, builders take their materials to a hardware facility with the equipment to cut, carve or drill based on a design stored in a digital file. The Handibot can be held in two hands and simply placed onto the surface – a table, the wall or floor – that requires cutting. The device can be used on a number of materials, including wood, plastic, aluminum, or even foam, and can be pre-programmed for different jobs using smartphone or tablet apps. For example, users can load a circle cutting app on their phone, choose the dimensions and depth they require and send the instructions to the Handibot via wifi. Pressing the start button will then run the action. The video below offers more details about the product:

    The Handibot raised nearly three times its initial funding target on Kickstarter, where backers could pay a slightly pricey USD 1,995 for the device. The team is currently aiming to fill its Kickstarter orders before opening up the Handibot for general release, although interested parties can register their interest. Could something like this enable even hapless DIY enthusiasts to produce professionally finished handiwork?

    Website: www.handibot.com
    Contact: www.handibot.com/contact_us.php

    Spotted by: Jennifer Low

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