Pope’s Harley-Davidson Sells for $327,000 at Paris Auction

How much is a divine Harley? About $327,000 if it’s at an auction in Paris. Last week a private buyer acquired a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that was once gifted to Pope Francis for more than 18 times the estimated selling price of $16,000 to $20,000.

One year ago, Willie Davidson, a former motorcycle designer and grandson to a Harley-Davidson founder presented the then-new Pope with a new H-D Super Dyna Glide. According to the NY Times, the bike was gifted with the intention of selling off for charity. The bike typically stickers for around $13,000, but following the ties to the Holy See, the value apparently skyrocketed.

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Also crossing the block was a leather jacket, signed by Francis. That item sold for an impressive $77,485. But it was the Pontiff’s Harley that took home the whopping $327,000– proving once more that the vehicles with true value go to Bonham’s Auctions to be sold. The identity of the buyer, and the name of the recipient charity, have not been announced at this time.

We can only wonder what a Popemobile would sell for!

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