Pop-up pharmacy aims to remedy anything

New York-based Help Remedies has already been featured on these pages for its bone marrow registry kits included in its packets of bandages. Now the socially-minded pharmaceuticals company is extending its remit, by offering visitors to its Help Shop in Washington DC relief for any kind of pain – whether it is a headache or heartache.

The store – which is open throughout November – hopes to offer small remedies for those in need of help, from low dose drugs to life suggestions. Passersby can walk in to speak to one of the Help Shop specialists about their individual problem, while in-store events help raise awareness of broad topics. In order to attract people into the store live window displays illustrate each day’s events – for example, the ‘Help, I can’t sleep’ day saw a sleeping model in the window. Company employees also visited those queuing to vote in the US presidential election to offer headache relief after the months of electioneering.

While the store may be seen as a quirky branding gimmick, the company aims to show people that most problems in life can be remedied with something small, rather than high dose pharmaceuticals. Could a similar campaign help explain your business’ philosophy?

Website: www.helpineedhelp.com
Contact: help@helpineedhelp.com

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