Playstation 4 Is The Biggest Console Launch Ever!

    By Steven Estep | Small Business

    Playstation 4 Is The Biggest Console Launch Ever! image Playstation 4 Biggest Console Launch Ever1Playstation 4 Is The Biggest Console Launch Ever!

    Sony’s Playstation 4 has made history.

    The Playstation 4 has officially became the biggest console launch in history, as it was able to sell over 2.1 million units in two weeks time.

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    With that many people buying up Sony’s new console, it has claimed the title of being the biggest console launch in history. Jack Tretton, Sony CEO, announced this news and the announcement was backed by NPD, which is the #1 most legitimate source when it comes to video game industry related stats.

    PlayStation 4 sales in North America and worldwide have been incredibly strong since launch, culminating in PS4 being recognized as the largest console launch in history. In North America alone, more than one million PS4 units were sold in only 24 hours and we’re pleased NPD has reported that PS4 was the top selling next gen platform for both hardware and software in November. We are humbled by the passion and excitement demonstrated by gamers for PS4. Demand continues to overwhelm supply, but we’re working hard to get PS4 units into the hands of customers throughout the holiday season. – Jack Tretton, Sony CEO

    This is awesome news for Sony and it’s a well-deserved title that they’ve earned. I absolutely love my Playstation 4. Also, Sony was able to convert a lot of Microsoft fans into Playstation 4 owners. The Playstation 4 puts gamers and gaming first, where Microsoft has tried to turn the Xbox One into an all-around entertainment system, which has caused a lot of controversy and pissed a lot of people off.

    Congratulations, Sony!

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