By playing games, site’s users raise money for charity

Taking time out to donate to charity isn’t often very high on people’s list of daily online activities. Initiatives such as CentUp have tried to make it easier by integrating giving into social sharing, and now GoodGames enables online gamers to raise money for charity while they play.

The site is funded by advertisers and sponsors and a part of that revenue is being directed back towards its users to give to one of 109,000 causes or schools they feel deserve it. Those registering their details with the site are credited with a cent whenever they play three times. The money is then automatically sent to the organization selected by the user. The site currently has a roster of games provided by Arkadium, although players can request titles they would like to see.

The company cites figures from NewZoo that indicate the US plays upwards of 50 million hours’ worth of online games every day. Considering these statistics, schemes like GoodGames could help raise a considerable sum for nonprofits and social causes. How else can charitable donations be attached to engaging activities?


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