Platform syncs multiple videos and lets users arrange the footage

Anyone who has ever been to a music gig in recent years will know how commonplace it has become for fans to record their experience with smartphones. Inspired by this, Crowdsync is now aiming to make these clips useful by matching multiple videos taken at the same time and location, and enabling viewers to use the footage to direct their own version.

Those who have shot footage at any event can upload their clip to Crowdsync, which automatically searches its database to find video with matching geotags and timestamps. It then syncs the videos and allows users to view up to four synchronized angles at the same time. Swiping the screen loads a new camera angle in real-time and a timeline feature enables more intricate editing of the footage. In the future, the team hopes to add the facility to record any edited film. A demonstration of the app – which is available for free on the App Store – is offered in the video below:

CrowdSync will be one of the startups at the Texas-based SXSW Music Accelerator in March, where concertgoers will be able to test out the app for themselves. Interactivity is increasingly an essential part of the entertainment industry, and we’ve already seen ideas such as Him, Her and Them, the film that Facebook users could edit themselves to change the story. How else can viewers be offered a more hands-on role in the creation of the content they consume?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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