Platform reminds users to keep in touch with important contacts


Many people these days have a profile on multiple social networking sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, on top of their email accounts. However, it can be difficult to track all of the activity that happens on the web, and now Relately is a service that helps users to remember to regularly contact their important acquaintances and what they’ve talked about in the past.

Users subscribing to the service can import all of their contacts across the web and see at a glance the last time they reached out to each one. Contacts can be sorted into groups depending on their importance and reminders can be set for each group. Non-vital contacts are assigned a more relaxed schedule than those of greater importance. The dashboard shows at a glance who is due to be contacted again, and uses a graphical countdown so users can easily see how long is left before they should touch base with others. A subscription to Relately costs USD 27 a month, but could improve workers’ productivity and cut the costs of assembling calendar-based reminders.

Regular contact is an important part of maintaining both business and personal connections, and offers a more efficient way to keep on top of good communication. Are there other ways that social networking could be made more effectual?


Spotted by: Murtaza Patel

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