Platform offers video viewers synchronized content delivered to their mobiles

Netherlands-based VideoDeals has already leveraged time-linked video tagging technology to offer viewers deals on the products featured. Now Linklib uses QR codes to give smartphone owners synced information about video playing on a different screen.

Currently in beta, Linklib already has its own library of relevant content attached to existing Youtube links, such as clips from films and viral videos. Users first find a video through the site on their computer, which loads along with a QR code. By scanning the code with their smartphones, viewers are automatically directed to a feed of links containing information relevant to what’s on screen at the time – from Wikipedia pages to Facebook groups on the subject. Founder Simon Klose explains the idea in the video below:

The premise of Linklib is to make researching a subject while watching a video easier, considering that many people may already use a second device to look up extra content. How else can the deliverance of information be made more simple in these times of data overload? And how could such a method potentially be adapted for marketing purposes?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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