Platform helps separated couples plan and manage child support without arguing

By Tom | Small Business


Divorces and separations are emotionally fraught enough without having to get both parties together to arrange and maintain child support plans. However, the reality is that parents need to work as a team even more so after a split. We’ve already seen services such as Wevorce aim to make them more amicable by replacing the two-lawyer system with a single common representative who works with both parties. Now SupportPay is an organization tool that can make the process of managing child support payments and post-break up communication less stressful.

When a separation and a child support plan is confirmed, SupportPay provides a way for both parents to keep track of who owes what. Each parent gets their own separate login to the joint account, and support orders and agreements are uploaded onto the system. SupportPay automatically calculates payments and provides each user with a schedule. The system can also set up automatic transfers so users don’t forget to pay, reducing the chance of disputes. All documents and records relevant to child support can also be stored on the account to keep them organized and help both parties understand how the money is being used. Expenses can be made public or private to help resolve cases when they arise. SupportPay also includes records of dispute management so that lawyers have everything they need to work with in the case that they need to get involved.

The service’s basic account is free, although users can unlock premium features such as the dispute tools, custom notifications and live customer support through either a USD 4.99 a month or USD 49.99 a year subscription. A companion SupportPay app is also free to download for iOS and Android. Are there other ways to make stressful administration less complicated with services such as this?


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