Platform helps schools and parents better communicate home time plans


The school day in the UK typically ends at 3.15 in the afternoon, but parents don’t typically finish work until after 5pm or can have a change of schedule which means they need to alter their plans for collecting their child. 3Fifteen is a new platform that helps parents quickly and securely get in touch with schools to let teachers and children know of any last-minute changes.

Especially towards the end of the day, school offices can get tied up with phone calls and parents may not be able to get through if they need to let their child know they’ll be late to pick them up. 3Fifteen offers a smartphone app for parents, through which they can simply send a short text message to the relevant school staff. To ensure that it is the parent getting in touch, the app is protected by a PIN known only to the user. This system avoids confusion when parents can’t make it to school on time and children and teachers haven’t received a warning. Schools implementing the platform can also benefit from better communication with parents and enhanced reports from inspectors.

Much like the tags that track schoolkids’ location recently implemented in Brazil, 3Fifteen could save kids from wandering away from school on their own when their parent is late, ensuring their whereabouts are known. Are there other ways to use new tech to improve communication between parents and teachers?


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