Platform enables businesses to issue online product warranties

Denmark’s Garanti Hotel has provided consumers with a way to store their paper warranties online in case they lose the paper versions. Now Serbia-based Warrantly is offering a platform for businesses to provide digital guarantees from the point of sale, and for customers to arrange repairs or replacements online.

Rather than handing over paper warranties upon purchase, which customers are liable to lose or throw away, Warrantly stores purchase information in the cloud, giving businesses instant access to their rights with regards to returns. The system also allows business to more easily integrate their services – warranty extensions can be awarded instantly, storage depots can be alerted automatically if a replacement is requested, and certificates can also be tied into loyalty schemes. Customers benefit by having all of their warranties stored in one place online and the ability to find licensed repair centers nearest to them. The initiative also helps both parties save needless use of paper.

Are there other paper-based services that could be moved to the cloud, benefiting consumers, businesses and the environment?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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