A new platform for crowdfunding tech innovation

There’s already a crowdfunding site for jocks – Canada’s Pursuit, where users can back the careers of future sports stars – so it’s only right that there’s one for geeks too. FundaGeek is a platform enabling those proposing technological innovation and research projects to get the backing they need to make them happen.

FundaGeek takes its cues from many of the other funding sites we’ve seen over recent years. Those looking for the capital to get their project off the ground can upload their details, outline rewards for donors and set a funding target and date. If they are successful in collecting enough money before their time runs out, the cash is transferred and rewards sent out as a thank you to backers. Considering the seemingly endless potential for improving the quality of life of humans that technology in its broadest sense has, and that the only barriers to the manufacture of new products are research, money and material resources, FundaGeek could help make headway in bringing people’s ideas to life.

Are there any more rocks left unturned by the crowdfunding trend?

Website: www.fundageek.com
Contact: info@fundageek.com

Spotted by: Katherine Noyes

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