In place of text CVs, platform lets freelancers blog their work history


The recruitment industry has already seen its fair share of innovations aiming to better connect employers with skilled workers, from gamified hiring and automatic scoring of coders’ skills. From Germany, Somewhere is a visual blogging platform that enables freelancers and small teams to show potential employers and clients a more engaging story of their work.

There is an increasing number of people in today’s job market that experience work a series of short, diverse projects rather than day-to-day monotony. Instead of expending energy on keeping a text CV up to date, Somewhere enables those workers to explain exactly what they’re working on at any given moment through a more visual and interactive format. Known as ‘sparks’, each post features an image and short snippet of text explaining a project users are working on, the inspiration for their work or simply their passions. Sparks can include links to their work as well as relevant tags to help others find them.

Somewhere lets potential employers and collaborators see exactly what users are up to in their working life, gaining a greater picture of their skills and interests. How else can CVs and resumes be made more engaging — and useful?


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