Pinterest Influencer Interview Series: Holly Ledingham

We’re happy to welcome Holly Ledingham for today’s installment of the Pinterest Influencer Interview Series. Holly married the love of her life, Chris, and they have four children between the ages of nine and 22. Originally from Canada, they moved to the U.S. nearly seven years ago so their 22-year-old daughter, Samantha Sue, could pursue a career as a singer, guitar player and songwriter (over 100 songs). Holly and Chris own a concierge business in Big Canoe, which is located in the beautiful north Georgia Mountains. Holly is the president of a women’s monthly social group called Ridgerunners celebrating its 30th anniversary. The group has 450 members who are typically retired women, so it’s Holly’s mission to successfully draw in younger residents and to introduce social media to many members who have been reluctant to embrace it.

6 Questions on Pinterest With Holly Ledingham

1. How has Pinterest helped you personally or professionally?

Personally: Sometimes it’s easy to forget how unique we all are but Pinterest visually reminds me of how truly different we are. Every person and every board is one of a kind. About two years ago, I was scouring blogs for inspiration. One February morning in 2011, I came across a blog called where I saw Pinterest for the first time. I was mesmerized. I fell in love with the idea that everything I had ever drooled over on blogs was in one place and easy to bookmark for future reference. Pinterest allows me to connect with like-minded people from all over the world too. Pinterest has provided me a personal creative outlet and given me the gift of being able to share all of the great things I find. I have also loved communicating with other pinners through comments and even some phone conversations. There is no other social network that fulfills the human spirit like Pinterest does!

Professionally: Pinterest has opened doors for me that I will be eternally grateful for like the opportunity to be an Influencer on Pinterest with the help of HelloSociety. It has been one of the greatest experiences of my life to work with the team of social media experts from HelloSociety and to be one of the 250 top pinners on Pinterest. Wow….did I just say that?!!!

Recently, I have been asked to be a freelance food writer for a new upcoming magazine called Society South. I have talked to groups of women about Pinterest and how it can be a benefit to them in their personal and professional lives. We all long to be validated and understood (says Oprah) and I’m thankful for Pinterest for helping me experience both of these!

2. What is the method behind your success?

I keep my boards and pin ideas simple. I stay true to what I love. Each and every day has been an adventure to add beautiful pins to my boards, which has somehow evolved into a life of its own. I’ve noticed that my entire page has a visual appeal that is feminine and pretty. I love that my boards feel like a work of art, but more importantly, they’re filled with so much inspirational content and information. I believe this is why I have been successful on Pinterest. My boards have organically grown over time into something above and beyond my wildest dreams.

3. What is the biggest challenge you’ve encountered using Pinterest?

I’m sure many pinners can relate to this – my biggest challenge using Pinterest has being trying to monitor how much time I spend pinning. It is way too easy for several hours to go by without even realizing it. Finding specific people on Pinterest can also be difficult if you don’t already know their username. Another thing I’ve noticed is a lot of dead ends when I try to click through pins to the original source. It looks like Pinterest is working to improve that experience and they’ve launched Rich Pins for brands, which I think will help too.

4. What do you think is the future of social media?

Social Media definitely has a bright future! We communicate with family, friends, business associates and even strangers with the click of a button. We look to the internet for quick answers to all life’s burning questions and needs. How we use technology and what we use it for will evolve and become a much more efficient version of what we use today. Each generation moving forward has to embrace it weather they like it or not - or they will get left behind. I am 40 and have been slowly transitioning into this thing called social media (I know I just made myself sound really old) but as far as my children go they know no other life without it. I am finding that once I have gotten comfortable with a new form of social media, I then ask myself ‘how did I ever survive without it?’ Technology is moving so fast that it feels nearly impossible to keep up, but I believe if you personally pick and choose what forms are best for your needs that it can be manageable and a great benefit to our lives.

5. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting a Pinterest account?

These are my top 10 tips for starting a Pinterest account:

1. Look at a lot of Pinterest boards to get an idea of the style, look and feel you may want your boards to have.
2. When you’re ready to sign up, think of a creative username that represents you the best and add a close up photo of yourself.
3. Search for people you want to follow that provide content that you love and would like to add to your boards.
4. Write down a list of several creative titles for themed board ideas – narrow it down to about eight boards to start.
5. Create the boards that showcase who you are and what your interests are, and then organize them for easy future reference.
6. Now you are ready to collect and share images to your boards from all over the internet or simply re-pin from other pinners.
7. Add at least five pictures each board so they look full when someone visits your profile page.
8. Personalize each board cover (the large pic) to be a visually appealing picture that represents each board title.
9. Make time to pin every single day – this will give you more content, beautiful images and a consistent presence will help you gain followers.
10. Engage in conversation with your followers on your boards and leave messages on the boards of people you follow.
Happy Pinning!

6. Where can we find you on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook? What is your website?

You can find me on Pinterest (737,857 Followers).

Pinners featured in Business 2 Community’s Pinterest Influencer Interview Series are all members of HelloSociety’s team of Pinterest influencers.

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