Pinterest club helps users make their own creations to upload

The DIY social network has already enabled creative kids to share their handiwork online. While many adults use Pinterest to share others’ creativity, the UK-based Pinned It Made It club is now encouraging users to meet once a month to make their own designs to upload onto the site.

Realizing that finding the time to be creative can be difficult for adults living in the capital, the club meets every third Tuesday of every month. Members can bring along their own projects to complete or take part in group craft sessions which are themed each month. Both materials and advice are offered at the craft parties – whether visitors want to create fashion accessories or try out a new recipe. Events last from 7pm to 9.30pm and the GBP 10 entry fee includes a free cocktail.

The scheme aims to get Pinterest users to spend some time offline, to get involved in the creativity present on the social network and meet fellow users in real life. How else can businesses use existing social network users as a base for its audience?


Spotted by: Alice Revel

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