Pinkberry Swirls Social Delight

The sweltering summer heat leaves little appreciation for anything except a cold, soft-serve dessert covered in rainbow sprinkles. Ok – with or without the sprinkles, frozen yogurt is the answer.

The “froyo” craze has been going strong since 2005, when Pinkberry unveiled its first shop in California. They now have well over 200 stores – they’re even in airports! Although they spurred a soft-serve revolution with a slew of copycats, Pinkberry is clearly the reigning brand in the frozen yogurt market.

When it comes to social networks, Pinkberry excels on a select few. They feature sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on their website. They create all content on those profiles with the ultimate reason users are following them in mind: to see mouthwatering pictures of frozen yogurt. Their lighthearted networks allow fans and followers to connect and bond over flavor favorites and topping combinations. Other brands can learn from Pinkberry’s simplistic, tasty approach to social media – as explained below.

Pinkberry’s Social Media Marketing Best Practices:

Engage Your Audience. Understanding your audience is the first step in engaging them. Pinkberry recognizes that their product – frozen yogurt – is what connects all of their fans and followers, and their social posts reflect that. Although not all brands have such a unified audience, everyone can improve upon the idea of listening to what consumers want – and then delivering it for social satisfaction and increased engagement.

Pinkberry Swirls Social Delight image pinkberry post 1 NEWPinkberry Swirls Social Delight

Integrate Trending Topics. Each industry has certain holidays and seasons that are more relevant to their products or services. Pinkberry has the opportunity to insert themselves into many of the smaller, fun daily “holidays,” as shown below with National Piña Colada Day. Of course, even those who struggle with less-marketable content can get creative on social networks. For instance – a consumer can enjoy a Piña Colada while mowing or typing, right?

Pinkberry Swirls Social Delight image pinkberry post 2Pinkberry Swirls Social Delight

Capitalize on Taste Buds. The only thing consumers love more than food is talking about really good food (the plethora of blogs and publications dedicated to dining back us up on this one!). Pinkberry uses this to their advantage by posing questions like “savory or sweet?” on their social profiles. This is not only an excellent strategy to support the engagement efforts discussed above, but it’s also a form of “crowdsourcing” ideas for future flavors and stores. There are many uses for social networks that brands haven’t tapped into yet.

Pinkberry Swirls Social Delight image pinkberry post 3Pinkberry Swirls Social Delight

Pinkberry demonstrates three best practices for brands looking to improve their social media marketing strategy. If correctly optimized, social media can increase traffic and sales, as well as improve overall digital visibility and SEO. Contact ZOG Digital today for a social media marketing audit.

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