Picnic blanket features integrated speaker system

Travelers heading outdoors usually have to decide which home comforts they’ll have to leave behind. However, we have seen a few innovations that conveniently combine products, such as the Springtime picnic basket that can transform into a set of tables and chairs. Our latest spotting is the Speaker Blanket, a mat that keeps picnickers off the mud while providing music to complement their outing.

Designed by UK gifts company Spinning Hat, the blanket comes with an integrated stereo speaker system and 3.5mm jack, enabling users to plug in their portable music player or smartphone. When they’re finished with the mat, it can be simply rolled up with the speakers attached and comes with a handle for carrying ease. The Speaker Blanket retails at GBP 34.99 and is available for pre-order on the Spinning Hat website.

The Speaker Blanket is an example of combining two items that naturally go together – especially for keen festivalgoers wanting to enjoy music outdoors in the summer weather. What other products could do with being merged for greater comfort and convenience?

Website: www.spinninghat.com
Contact: www.spinninghat.com/contact-us

Spotted by: Smith Alan

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