Pet or Pest? Infographic

    By Danny Ashton | Small Business

    Pet or Pest? Infographic image 8808985100318resizePet or Pest? Infographic

    Research has recently discovered that almost half of the UK’s 30 million pet owners have been left with a bill of around £658 to replace or repair parts of their home destroyed by their beloved pet. Whilst all pet owners agree that the odd bit of damage is inevitable regardless of whether you own a dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pigs, having to fork out £658 sounds a ridiculously huge amount of money. So how does it all mount up? The cost of replacing broken or ruined furniture averages around £258, whilst fixing and repairing items accounts for another £177.  Cleaning furniture, carpets and curtains, with possibly having to hire professionals and special equipment, costs more than £167.  Even replacing lost or swallowed items accounts can amount to over £55, so all of these costs taken together explain the massive amounts of money pet owners find themselves parting with on a regular basis.

    Because our pets are unable to tell us when they are stressed or anxious they are likely to resort to things like sofa scratching, chewing cables or shredding papers. Many puppies damage the home when scared or worried so behaviour training and socialisation when they are very small is crucial and can prevent problems in the long-term. Cats scratch surfaces in order to keep their claws clean, sharp and in good condition.  The act of scratching stretches and exercises certain muscle groups in the legs and shoulders and is a natural and healthy activity. To save your furniture, flooring, walls and curtains from being tattered and torn to shreds, provide your feline friends with a scratching post in a safe area. By taking the time to house-train your pet as soon as you get it, you could save yourself quite a lot of time, money and patience.


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