Personal Development Tools You Can Use to Build Better Teams

Personal Development Tools You Can Use to Build Better Teams image skullingPersonal Development Tools You Can Use to Build Better Teams

Fit no stereotypes.

Don’t chase the latest management fads.

The situation dictates which approach best accomplishes the team’s mission.

Colin Powell


Self improvement is not something you can accomplish overnight. It means more than just pushing yourself a little bit beyond what you can do with your innate skills and talents. Self-improvement is ultimately about how you see, understand and direct your life. It is about you in a sense, but it is also about much more. It is also about improving yourself so that you can help improve your organization and your team.

Tools for team work

For any team or organization to succeed, each person member of the team has to understand the organization’s purpose and make it part of their own personal purpose. When each member of the team finally embraces the organization’s purpose as their own, personal and organizational growth both increase. Imagine the power of an organization whose members believe and are committed to a single mission or idea? This is the deepest commitment any organization can ever have.

On you personal “journey” toward mastering yourself, you are in search for your life direction and purpose. You are aware of your personal weaknesses and strength, you hold yourself responsible for your actions, and you accept who you are. As a responsible and growing adult, you are capable of accepting the harsh realities that life occasionally throw at you, and you can learn to adapt to the changes happening in your surrounding. Because you know yourself well, you are able to see yourself as part of the whole.

Part of the whole

When you join forces with other people who are like-minded, who are also grounded in reality, you and your team can objectively identify the areas where improvements are needed within your organization. You all then become a part of the system and see yourselves as part of the holistic development of that organization.

And, not only do you exert influence in the lives of other by what you do, your commitment also serves as an example of effectively managing yourself and others. Simple act like mentoring, coaching and counseling can be a great help for promoting everyone’s personal growth. You have the tools to help other members of your team step out of the box or their comfort zones. Sometimes organizations are not uncomfortable with this idea, especially if the comfortable activities have produced some measure of success. But stepping out of their comfort zone helps to strip people of their self-imposed limitations.

Growth and development are the concepts encouraged in everyone. When team members are working to be their best, their personal vision clears and things start to happen.

Learning and using better personal development skills and tools will help improve your organizational performance. As a leader, you must learn to capitalize on your most important asset, your people. You have the tools and the skills to help other people see how their actions can positively contribute to everyone’s performance and success, and how they are an important part of the whole.


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