How Can I Find a Person’s Employment History?

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    Personal employment history is not something likely to be found on the Internet unless that person has posted his or her resume on a Web site or information about that person’s employment history is otherwise on the Internet.

    The best way to discover a person’s employment history is through his or her resume. If the person about whom you wish to discover the employment history is a potential employee, it is likely that you will be provided with a copy of the resume. Using the resume as a starting point, it should then be simple to find more details about that person’s employment history. Presumably, former employers, companies, and locations will be listed on the resume.

    Certain online services will conduct a search to verify information provided on a resume, including verification of employment and education. One of these services is

    You might be able to find some information about a person’s employment history by searching for that person on Google or Yahoo!.

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