People at Work – A Blessing or a Curse?

    By Marc Miller | Small Business

    People at Work – A Blessing or a Curse? image People at WorkPeople at Work – A Blessing or a Curse?People at Work

    Do you like the people you work with? Do you like your team?

    I just had a conversation with a gentleman who left his last two jobs because of the people he worked with.

    Job #1 - He was a contractor and was told to do his job. He was not privy to information that the rest of the team had. He felt like an outsider. He is very social, and having people around him was crucial. He left when a better opportunity came up.

    Job #2 - He moved to another company where he was to institute structure and change where there had never been any before. While doing this, he also had to manage a team of sales people. He totally misread the situation, and quickly became the “bad guy.” He was let go after six months on the job.

    Now, he is looking for a new job. His team was a curse!

    We had the discussion about what his ideal team looked like. In this case, the people around him were absolutely critical to his success and, more importantly, his happiness.

    Years ago, I learned how important the people at work are to me.

    I left a position at IBM in the mid 1990s where I worked with a superb team. I soon learned that the team I was leaving had been a true blessing!

    I left this job because I was bored, and instead, took a position as a consultant for IBM. I was on a year-long project where new consultants would cycle in and out every few weeks. These people were either unhappily married, unhappily single, or unhappily divorced. Do you get the picture? They were not a fun group of people to be around. That group of people were a real curse.

    Though they were smart and talented, they had miserable personal lives because of the constant travel. WOW! I missed the team from my old job. They were a true blessing to work with!

    I like a team of talented people, where there is little hierarchy, and everyone is focused on what is best for the team.

    Reflect back on when you worked with a great team.

    What were the characteristics of the people in that group?

    Maybe your best team was one that you never saw! If you like to work alone, that might have been the right mix.

    This is part of step 2 in the Cure for Career InsanityDetermining what you really want in your next job, which includes getting to work with people you want to be around!

    What does your ideal team look like?

    Does this sound interesting? Are you suffering from Career Insanity?

    I will be blogging on these five steps for the Cure for Career Insanity over the next few months. I plan to launch the Cure for Career Insanity Webinar series in May. This will be a very affordable (under $25) five part webinar series which will be recorded and offered as an online course. If you are interested in learning more please register to receive updates!

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